I am extremely grateful to have worked with Marie. Not only does she posses the knowledge and acumen needed in the courtroom, but most importantly she cares very deeply for your rights and for you as a person. Having someone stand by your side and care in the midst of crisis is life changing. I highly recommend her not only her passion in defense, but also her compassion and encouragement in the midst of personal crisis.

David H.


I simply do not have enough great things to say about Marie. She handled my custody dispute with much integrity, class, and knowledge. She made a very hard process seamless and manageable.  Marie always took the high road and always advised me to do the same. If you’ve been through this you know that can be hard, but always worth it in the end.  Having positive support was priceless. Marie also has an overwhelmingly extensive knowledge of the law. I have always believed knowledge is power and in my case it was. I always felt informed in great detail and she was always available for me. I had some really hard times during the case but Marie was always there at the helm keeping our case on course and my mind and heart at ease.  She is truly gifted and I would recommend her time and time again.

Tiffany F.


I highly recommend Marie Barnes. Marie works tirelessly to help her clients through some very difficult legal matters. She is thorough and prides herself in making sure you are fully informed every step of the way. She is able to take a complex legal matter and break it down so you never feel left in the dark. Marie has the ability to defuse a very emotional situation and work cooperatively with the other side, which in the end results in reducing the cost of litigation. If you want a sharp attorney that will advocate on your behalf and keep you well-informed then you want Marie Barnes!

Michael M.


Marie helped me through a difficult civil case, and an ever-complicated divorce — through the whole process kept me informed and up to date with the process, even when the court system did its best to throw us curve balls.  Marie has an excellent attention to detail and worked hard through every piece of my case, in the end we won the parts that were most important to me. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a competent attorney!

Zack G.


Marie Barnes went above and beyond my expectations. She walked me through every step and I always felt she had my best interest at heart.
Thank you so much Marie!

Janene D.


All I can say is I was in a very stressful family law matter and I hired Marie for help. I didn’t know what I was up against and didn’t have any contacts for law help. Marie is excellent. She went above and beyond to not only prepare facts and ready me for my hearing but she also, in the process, made me feel safe. She was able to own the courtroom and help me leave with a smile on my face.

Mike L.